Linda’s Writer’s Workshops

Linda Spear’s Writer’s Workshops have room for a few more writers. Currently we work together on Zoom from each of your own homes until we can meet person to person when the siege is over.

You can join other scribes and share your talent and desire to write on several days of the week and even Saturday!

There are wonderful people in our groups, and if there’s a short story, a memoir, a fictional idea or even an historical tome in your head, there is no greater time to preserve your written words in a class with others who are exploring an idea or a work in progress with Linda who is an author and journalist.

The workshop runs contiguously throughout the year. The fee is $150 per six-week session on a rolling admission.

Bring your ideas, paper, pen and pencil or laptop with you so you can develop strategies for becoming a lifelong writer.

People at all skill levels are welcome. We’ll be expecting you!

Register with Linda before your first group meeting by emailing her at