Zoom In… Zoomed Out

The National Geographic recently featured an article entitled “Zoom Fatigue.” Even the CEO of Zoom himself, Eric Yuan personally experiences it as well.

Me? I can’t stand it any longer and can’t wait until in-person meetings become the norm once again. It all came to a crashing blow on a Monday when I have my writers’ workshops each week. I made one of my usual mistakes and tried to erase that meeting from the Zoom website.

It didn’t work, so I canceled that meeting. Then I made steps to hold another meeting, same day, same time and inadvertently left one of my writers off the guest list because of my building tension.

I found this out when she called me the day of the workshop and asked if we were meeting. I said of course, and she said that she didn’t receive an invitation. I immediately made every attempt to attach her as a “forward” from one of the group who had sent an “accept.” On that email was the code to get into the meeting I sent so I spent the entire meeting fielding phone calls from her asking me for help. Then I lost the entire meeting due to my efforts to enter my friend to the meeting. It didn’t work and when I got the entrants back, we decided to call the whole thing off for the day—frustration had taken over.

I’m already worried about next Monday and whether we can get through another meeting without another foul up. I hate the word “hate,” but I’m going to use it anyway. I hate Zoom. For those of you who haven’t had the need to use it, I’m so happy for you that Zoom hasn’t disrupted your life. I worry on a regular basis about how to get through another meeting without a Zoom foul-up. Can’t wait until my writers and I can meet again in person, which I’m hoping will start by June. For those at a distance, we’ll continue trying to manage with Zoom.

Is this happening to you? I’d love to know. Maybe some normalcy will come back to our routines soon. I’ll keep you updated on my continuing meetings which sometimes go perfectly fine—despite Zoom!