Will the Work in Progress Survive?

I’m stuck. I have what I think is a good mystery in play, and for the most part it is. But I’m missing one thing…the perfect villain.

The book entitled, “Closer to Home” is a full-fledged suspense thriller with a gritty edge and a love story that will fill your heart.

I wrote the entire story and sent it out to my beta readers who are brilliant with their critiques and I paid close attention to their comments as I have with my other books.

This time, however, they all said the same thing…the villain was way too obvious. Not only did I need to choose another bad guy, but I needed to review the entire book and look for other areas that lacked authenticity.

You, who know me, understood the effect it had on me. I wanted the person I chose to be the vicious character that I always enjoy creating, but he was just too obvious, because he was overly glib. I was ready to take some matches to the printout and make a pile of ash of my work.

But my friend Joanne, agreed that the villain had to be changed, she thoroughly enjoyed the theme of the book and the other characters.

“The book must be saved,” she said with muster. “I see the value of your story and one lousy character should not let every other one die.”

I felt guilt. You see when you write a story of length, the people become part of your day to day living. This particular book is a sequel to my last fiction, “The Iceman Checks Out,” and I fell in love with the major players as I wrote it , as they fell in love with each other.

Joanne was so right. How could I let them go up in flames?

So I think I’ll ask the same readers to choose the antihero and I’ll do the rest.

The novel will survive and be what my readers want from this book.

Now I feel better.

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