There are Angels on Earth

Did you know there are angels on earth? I learned that early this year when we were all scavenging for COVID-19 vaccine. For two months, I started every day calling the COVID-19 hotline, only to be told there were no appointments available.

I continued to seek the vaccine throughout each day as I worked in between calls. I stopped only at 10pm when the phone lines closed down for the night.

Tension rose within me, each and every time the hold time was longer than others, but no matter what, I was let down every time. I was so upset one night, that I wrote my frustration on Facebook to be seen by all…the response was mixed.

“I got different answers. Several people responded by saying, “I have both my shots,” or “I have an appointment in a couple of days.”

This disturbed me even more. How could they have achieved what I tried so hard to do for close to two months?

Then I noticed that I got a response in the Messenger segment of my page. When I opened it, my heart practically stopped! The note said, “I can get you an appointment at the Westchester County Center if you call me at this number.”

And I did. There was an angel on the line, and she told me she had access to the apparatus and if I gave her my phone number, she would call me with a date for the vaccine.

What? Someone was actually helping me through this awful time.

I gave her all my information, never thinking that this was a scam. After all, I had her name, phone number and even her address and they were all correct. I had heard about scams—a number of them, but this was different. This angel was real.

So I waited for her call and sure enough, she got back to me with an appointment for five days later. But what about an appointment for my husband and my close friends, some of whom were struggling with the same problem? The angel took their names, and I called and gave them her phone number. Sure enough the angel got them appointments and we all feel much better.

I got my first shot of vaccine on Saturday and was amazed at how swiftly what appeared to be a large line of people could be processed and sent home. After I received the inoculation, they gave me an appointment for three weeks later, which is what the vaccine manufacturer recommended.

Just to know that I was on my way and my husband and friends had appointment quite soon made my heart swell with love for the angel that solved a huge problem on a bitterly cold day in February.

Who is she, you might ask? That question is not mine to answer. She is local and approaches people who openly reach out as I did.

When I asked her what I could do in return for her kindness, she told me to “pay it forward…” an expression I had heard many times but never took personally.

And so I did. I made a donation to my favorite animal rescue service named, Sammy’s Strays Animal Rescue, which is located in North Salem, NY.

Then I felt secure that my continued wishes for vaccine and help were answered by my angel and responded to by me.

2021 doesn’t feel so bad after all.

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